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you can't win all the time

it was SO HARD to get up this morning.hubs and i just COULD. NOT. DO. IT. but there was not a choice, really, so we dragged ourselves out of bed and tried to push forward. item of business number one? unload the truck. all the kids helped. i was trying so hard not to freak out because i HATE having all the extra stuff everywhere, when we already have such small space and it just... feels so junky and i hate it. but i know hubs really wants to sell the stuff and do it this way, so i am just biting my tongue and going with it.when he left to take the truck back, we had breakfast and devotional and started lists. we were way behind schedule, but i was surprised that we seemed to be moving pretty quickly through things. this time... my last kid finished at 5.i have been honestly evaluating and trying to figure out what to do about the whole thing with the late finishers... but for now i feel like the answer is to give it more time, so i am trying to just give it more time to work out. if…
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dramatic with a capital D

hahaha.... oh this day. oh, i woke up kinda late, but Sally and hubs were off early to our old village for a few items of business, including a long-awaited play date for Sally. we did "best" jobs only because i felt it wasn't fair for Sally to have a play day and for everyone else to slave away. But Leena still had school with Grammy because quite frankly she can't live without it- she loves it. this time James begged to join her, which she did NOT love, but he sure did.

so, when jobs were done, the kids played while i went to work getting more Mommy Time in.first was Evelynn, who chose to make a sock dress for her barbie. this time we actually sewed it.

then came Roger who picked to make a super hero mask and decorated it with "spikes" aka triangles around the eyes, and then we tied on his favorite blanket for a cape and it was all he played the rest of the day. it also inspired other kids to play the same game.

next was Leena. i got out several opti…

perfect in christ

i was about to tell you that today was bad. but it wasn't really. because, if you think about it... i am learning. and today was part of that process.i woke up later than i wanted to, and chose to make my self care take the form of a shower.hubs told me i was beautiful, and that was nice.i had hope at one point in the day that things would flow better than yesterday and maybe we would finish lists at a decent time, but we didn't finish until SEVEN PM. obviously i have some improvements to make. granted, it was just one kid who didn't finish until then, but still... i need to fix and tweak lunch, sally chose to learn about squirrels.we also took a small field trip to the bank and filled up the water bottles.the kids did a few cool things for school, and two kids had an exciting day- Charles got to have a playdate and Roger earned some tech time for finishing a goal. he now knows how to buckle himself!
there were other good moments, but there were some tantrums and …

not too shabby

today, as i suspected, looked a lot different.i did wake up and show up for myself. granted, it was mostly because hubs had a really big day at work and so he woke up early and that woke me up early, but i went with it. miraculously, Evelynn woke up early and so i asked her to listen for babies and help them get cereal if they needed it, and then i took the dog on a walk. I was feeling positive and good and it felt good to show up for myself, like my dietician had told me was bumpy. contention and lists were a beast and we didn't finish until 3. some serious fights broke out between people and it was messy and i took a lot of time out of the day to try and solve problems. i was proud of myself for having educational time during lunch, though, and Evelynn picked to learn about worms.but i tried to do some mommy time. i got in some time with only two kids and will have to finish another day. first was James. he was so excited to be first and was so excited to have time wit…


well, you would have thought today was CHRISTMAS because my kids woke up at 530am, lined up in the hallway and talked and giggled and waited for 6am like it was the best day of the year. i was a LOT less enthusiastic.but we started. lists, homeschool... its happening folks. right here. right now. in this place. for now its what we are doing and i am going to do my best to not get completely discouraged and depressed during it.the day was bumpy and imperfect, but we survived. and most of the kids were done by noon. i know that won't always happen, but it was nice for is the lineup:Gladys in first grade:
Charles in sixth grade:

Leena: Grammy's Montessori

Richard: teething

Evelynn in fifth grade:

Roger in Kindergarten:

James in Preschool:

Sally in 4th:

Walter in second:

when school ended, we got word that Charles x rays ca

homeschooling eve

i wasn't ready for today but it came just the same. i was behind the entire day but i just kept pushing and pushing myself- hoping to make it. at one point i started to feel stressed and my tummy hurt with anxiety, so i laid down to try and relax and after a short and interrupted nap, i felt a tad better.after breakfast and devo and getting kids dressed, i finally SHOWERED. then i went to work prepping family church and our back to school feast and the kids school folders for my Homeschool Presentation.

this year we did not have a fancy theme or table cloth, and i didn't buy the kids gifts. but i still did china plates and tried to make it fancier than normal. i only did it because they wanted to do it, but it was hard to make it happen because... LIFE.when it was all said and done, we went on a sunday walk and then hubs got home and we had family church and he gave everyone a back to school blessings. here are my small notes:James: has been given the spirit of safety and learn…

Bound, bound, bound and rebound

what a day!so... it was my moms birthday. ( the title is an inside joke )
we did chores, sunday prep, and i did back to school haircuts for everyone. prepare yourself for the following photos.1. Richard got his first haircut and these pictures dont do him justice. 

2. Leena got her first haircut because she demanded it. so goodbye to her mullet.

3. Charles had his very first haircut since his hair grew back in from chemo. these pictures don't do the cut justice, and i am happy that my boy has hair again. its so soft.

4. Sally and Evelynn didn't need haircuts, but Roger, Gladys and Walter did. and they were mad at me for various reasons. but i promise they don't hate me anymore. 

5. James needed a haircut, too, but did NOT hate me. that was nice.

THEN, after lunch, we embarked on a journey. we got gas, we got sonic happy hour drinks, and then i drove to fill the water bottles. as i was taking them down the sidewalk, the cart tipped and i broke three of the water bottles. one of t…